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Perekat Polyurethane CY-505
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07 Jan 2020
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Selling polyurethane adhesives CY-505 cheap prices

Poly-ethane Adhesive CY-505 is a PU resin that is widely used to strengthen maintenance work on concrete structures, subways and tunnels. Polyurethane CY-505 is also used as a low expansion water stopping booster with a minimized water reaction expansion ratio. This product does not produce defects by foam deformation and provides an almost permanent water stopping effect.

Advantages of Polyurethane Adhesives CY-505:
1. With low viscosity properties, it penetrates into the leakage section in small gaps and provides perfect water stopping performance.
2. After being hardened, this gives a much higher compressive strength, adhesion, and tensile strength than the mechanical strength of conventional concrete structures.
3. Because the pot life is sufficient (about 30-50 minutes) when the base substance and preservative are mixed, the injector can be injected by a single component injector (CY-800 M1 / ​​M2, CY-1000).

Function of Polyurethane Adhesives CY-505:
 - Strengthening of damaged concrete structures.
 - Fixing concrete cracks for water-stops.
 - It is possible to use on dry and wet concrete cracks.
 - Deep penetration into the best cracks.
 - Slow after being cured, no shrinkage.
 - Don't make a new gap.

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