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Selling protective coating at cheap prices

 Coating is a material used to provide a coating on the surface of iron / steel for rust prevention. Coatings are also widely used for concrete construction as protection from mold and as reinforcement. This protective coating product is suitable as a bond primer on existing mortars that will provide protection for reinforcing steel in thin concrete / cover areas.
We sell quality protecting coatings with guaranteed quality. The products we sell have been widely used for various building needs as a layer that strengthens the outer walls of concrete and protects them from wall fungi.
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Benefits of using coatings on concrete:
▪ Very good adhesion to concrete and steel.
▪ Contains corrosion inhibitors.
▪ Good resistance to water and chloride penetration.
▪ Can be brushed or applied using a spray gun.
▪ Can be used exterior.
▪ High strength, not affected by humidity when cured.
▪ Non-flammable, solvent free.

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