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TamSeal RC
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14 Jan 2020
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TamSeal RC
Is a membrane in the form of an elastomeric liquid specifically designed to withstand various external surfaces.
UV-resistant properties that enhance products that can be used as weather-resistant membranes.The advantage:
* Air based - Does not contain toxins or harmful substances from solvents and hazardous materials. This coating is safe for the environment and spills can be cleaned with water while still wet.
* Elastomeric and flexible - The flexible nature allows this product to accommodate normal media surface movements without breaking.
* Water resistant and UV resistant - When applied to the correct thickness, the membrane is cured for long-term compensation which is very good at UV rays and preservation, providing a durable waterproof membrane.
* Resistant to mold and algae growth - TamSeal RC rejects the growth of mold and algae which prevents discoloration.
* Resistant to salt and carbon attack - Cleaning the TamSeal RC membrane will be resistant to damage due to salt and carbon attack.

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