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Sikagard 63 N
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30 Jan 2020
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Sikagard 63N Consists of 2 components that are solvent free, a high quality coating material with epoxy resin base materialUse: As a coating material that resists abrasion with heavy duty designed also to protect the growth of rust, weathering and attack of heavy chemicals to the maximum suitable for use in: - concrete and stone - Cement mortars and renderings (not polymer-modified) - Epoxy cement (epocem) - Asbestos cement - Epoxy mortars. - Iron and steel (sandblasted) - Aluminum (etched or sandblasted). For layers: - Storage tank - Silo - Drain hole / overflow hole for oil and gasolineFor anti-rust coating on: - Electroplating factory - cleaning work - Agriculture and agricultural companies - chemical work - Areas exposed to radiationThe advantage: - Solvent free - Has good chemical resistance - Good mechanical strength - Made with a high formula - Repair without shrinkage - Easy to mix and apply - Can be applied with a brush or roller - can be used with glass fiber mesh to form a protective membrane with crack bridging propertiesColor: Pebble Gray (Ral 7032)Packaging: 10 kg set

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