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Sikafloor 161 HC
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04 Feb 2020
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Specification of

Sikafloor -161 HC
Two parts of Primary Epoxy, Leveling Mortar, Intermediate Layer and Mortar Screed.
Economical, Solvent Free, Low Viscosity Epoxy ResinUse:
- For concrete substrate primers, cement screeds and epoxy mortars
- from normal mode to high strength absorbent substrates
- As primers for Sikafloor 263 SL HC and Sikafloor 264 HC for economical floor systems
- Binders for leveling mortar and screed mortar levels
- Middle layer below Sikafloor 263 SL HC and Sikafloor 264 HCCharacteristics and Excellence
- low viscosity
- Good penetration
- Very good bond strength (bond strength)
- Solvent free
- Easy to apply
- Short waiting times
- Multi purposeThe packaging
Part A: 220 kg drums, 15.8 kg can
Part B: 177 kg, 59kg drums, 4.2 kg can
Part A + B: 1 Drum Part A (220 kg) + 1 drum Part B (59 kg) = 279 kg
3 Drums Part A (220 kg) + 1 Drum Part B (177 kg) = 837 kg
20 kg set (A + B)

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