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SikaChapdur Natural
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26 Feb 2020
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SIKA CHAPDUR NATURAL FLOOR HARDENER 25 KGA mixture of cement, pigments, additives and mineral aggregates ready to use minerals, which produce shape, gradation, physical quality and high mechanical performance. The function of Sika Chapdur is to increase its resistance to abrasion and inhibit dust formation. Suitable for all floors affected by severe mechanical work such as warehouses, docks, traffic lanes, workshops, and others.Specifications: - Packaging: 25 Kg - Form: Powder - Color: Natural - Consumption: 3 kg - 6 kg per m2 - Curing Time • Foot traffic: 1-2 days • Light vehicle traffic: 7-10 days • Fully cured after: 28 days * Surfaces must be protected to prevent early drying, blooming and damage . - Density: ~ 1.4 kg / LAdvantages: - High resistance to abrasion - Reduces surface dust - Improves impact resistance - Increases resistance to oils and liquids - Easy application, Sika®Chapdur® is sprinkled on newly placed concrete

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