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Nitoproof 30
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29 Jan 2020
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Nitoproof 30 is an asphalt / rubber latex waterproofing and membrane damproofing compound designed to be used as a vapor barrier, waterproofing and protective coating. This is used in the following applications: * Moist proof membrane sandwich on a concrete floor. * Waterproof membrane for retaining walls and flat roofs. * acts as a dual purpose waterproofers Nitoproof 30 and cures compounds * Nitoproof 30 provides a waterproofing membrane structure for basements. * Steam barrier for panel cladding. * Fix cracks and casing on the asphalt surfaceADVANTAGES: Nitoproof 30 has a number of significant advantages as follows: * Materials that can be used as waterproofers to save costs and cure compounds in a single application. * economical to use * Easy to use with a brush, squeegee or stuffy spray * Single component, non-solvent based material * resist attacks by chloride and sulfate ions present in the motherland * Comply with various materials including concrete, steel, cork and wood.

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