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MasterSeal HLM 5000
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28 May 2020
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MasterSeal HLM 5000
is an elastomeric waterproofing membrane to prevent water penetration, and is suitable for all climates. ☆ Recommended features:
- concrete
- Plywood (exterior)
- Exterior under class (in masonry, concrete and incidental metal pairs)
- Above grade (between two concrete and in a wall cavity)
- parking garage and concrete tank
- Decks and malls in the Plaza
- Fountains and swimming pools
- Balconies and planters
- Walls and culverts
- Seawalls, dams and reservoirs ☆ Available in four classes:1. MasterSeal HLM 5000 SL (self-leveling / squeegee)
2. MasterSeal HLM 5000 S (spray)
3. MasterSeal HLM 5000 T (shovel)
4. MasterSeal HLM 5000 R (roller)

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